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Are you someone who likes excitement, perhaps a person who enjoys extreme sports? If so kitesurfing will be your thing, as it offers a fabulous combination of speed and thrills! Once you have mastered the skills – and with excellent opportunities for kitesurfing in Cape Town this is the place to learn – you can enjoy one of the most fun and skillful sports in the world. Kite Surfing (Kite Boarding) is exploding in popularity at a rapid rate all over the world. Cape Town is known globally as the mecca of Kite Surfing (Kite Boarding) with its combination of consistent winds and awesome spots. Kitesurfing Lessons in Cape Town is the perfect destination to master the world’s craziest adrenaline sport! Kitesurfing Lessons Cape Town IKO Certified Instructors will have you up and riding safely in the shortest period of time. People of all ages and experience levels can learn! The SE (prevailing summer wind in Cape Town) blows parallel to the beach, providing world-class conditions (most days in the summer). The wind is mostly dense with speeds from 10 - 30 knots, making it great for perfect kiting sessions. The weather conditions are perfect for kitesurfing Bloubergstrand which is why many people come here to learn. Once you try South Africa kitesurfing we know you will be hooked, so why not let the experts guide you through kite surfing lessons Cape Town, and take tips from the best in the sport? Young and old alike can enjoy themselves and learn via a proven and carefully planned five step coaching routine which will have you kiteboarding in Cape Town before you know it! Why not get in touch with us right now for more information and we’ll get you on the road to learning how to kitesurf whenever is convenient to you. Step 1: Introduction to Kitesurfing - Includes safety, equipment setup, understanding the wind and land based flying. Step 2: Water Introduction - Includes large kite handling, self-launch and body dragging. Step 3: Water Skills - Includes advanced body dragging, water re-launch and basic board skills. Step 4: Board Basics - Includes water starts and first ride. Step 5: Supervised Riding and Tips - Riding with power, change of direction and holding an edge.

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