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Are you searching for a new sport, one that is exciting, thrilling and combines speed and skill? Check out kitesurfing, one of the most adventurous and innovative of all sports, and one that you can enjoy to the full in Cape Town. We are the leaders in kitesurfing courses in Cape Town, and many will tell you there is no better place in the world to learn and enjoy this fabulous pursuit. With perfect weather and the best beach conditions a kitesurfing course can be as much fun as you will enjoy anytime. Kite surfing classes can be taken by young and old, beginners or newcomers, and we cater for all. If you are new to the sport don’t worry, we will take you through all the stages you need to learn how to kitesurf; we begin by teaching you the basics of the sport, educating you about the equipment, and helping you to understand the wind and how to use it. Our kite surfing course will then teach you how to handle the kite – itself a thrill and a skill worth learning – and the basics of riding the water, after which you learn how to ride the board – and take your first ride! Our kite surfing courses are designed to teach you carefully how to enjoy this very exciting and increasingly popular sport, and once you have mastered the basics we can help you with some advanced techniques and tips, and these can also be of interest to experienced kite surfers who perhaps want to take their skills to another level. Cape Town is the place to learn where to kitesurf, so check our rates by filling in the online request form – we are the best in the business – book your first session with us right now.