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Kitesurfing is a fast growing sport across the world, and in South Africa in particular. Many surfers agree that the perfect weather conditions around Cape Town make for the best kitesurfing in the world, and as the best kitesurfing school in the area we can teach you even if you are a complete beginner. If you want to learn to kitesurf – and it really is a thrilling and very enjoyable pursuit – you are strongly recommended to come to us, as we will take you through a carefully planned course that begins with the basics and can lead you to expert level if you wish. Kite surfing is a skilful sport that requires an understanding of the wind and how to handle it, and when you learn how to kitesurf with us we start by teaching you about the equipment involved, teach you basics about the wind and the water, and once we are confident you understand the elements involved we will, take you on your first ride. This – trust us – will be the moment when you realise that kitesurfing is the sport for you, as many who enjoy the sport already have. The beautiful beaches and ocean waters of Cape Town provide the perfect backdrop for an exciting session learning how to kitesurf, and we believe we have the best rates for coaching in the region. Our expert teachers will treat you professionally and with a friendly attitude, so your learning experience will be a pleasurable one and also affordable. For the very best in kitesurfing conditions you need to come to Cape Town, so why not get in touch with us right now and find put more, or give us a call and book your first session so you can take the plunge and learn how to kitesurf!